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Infinity | Motion and Stillness

Xia Li

‍Img01 Sunrise in Yangyan Mountain
Img02 Sahara Desert
Img03 way to the airport
Img04 Danish sea Insomnia


Mood Book | City Impressions

Xia Li

Mood Book features ten pieces of my recent drawings and collages during this winter (November 2018 – March 2019). It records my impressions of Oslo and Paris. The complex sensation towards the place where I lived and the peculiar time I passed was interpreted as abstract paintings. Each piece is named after the place and time of creation.



LXX's life logging

Xia Li

When I first came to live in Norway in 2015, I met the culture shock. This book records some interesting anecdotes during my attempt to integrate into the local life.



Blå is a Norwegian word which means blue.‍ Founded by Xia, it is based in Oslo. Blå‍Blå works on illustrations and photographs with a special focus on mood.